Bright apartment in Spain

1-cozy living room

Nowadays we look at an exciting and one-bedroom apartment, which is scorching in Spain. The interior has bright colours with vivid and pleasant accessories. Residing space is narrow, but it has a lengthy and beautiful shelving. In the sitting space there is accessibility to the terrace. The room is not huge slides, cabinets, all open shelving, have baskets. Sofa hassle-free and practical stands in front of the Television.

2-lemon table

The residing space is linked to the dining table, a lovely lemon color table is made for 4 people. If you double up, and then we can put 6 folks.

3-beautiful chairs

Adjacent to the residing area there is,  the kitchen, which is easily hidden stunning curtain doors. Kitchen differs from the residing area, she is clean and glossy.


The apartment is comfortable corridors, which are quite simple and interesting situated. Shade of the walls in the interior as a total vibrant and white.

5-white kitchen

Kitchen – huge, spacious and functional, the primary color – white with shiny textures. Tiles gray and metallic colours in the shade of the fridge.

6-hidden doors

Along the walls hang gorgeous compositions with small mirrors. The area has some intriguing lamps that hang in excess of the diverse tiers and have distinct shapes.

7-beautiful mirror

Huge and lovely entrance to the balcony, which also illuminates the complete space. The light is soft and warm.


The area has 2 gorgeous shelves, white, good and interesting refreshing room. On the table are lovely and neat photographs.


Bedroom – luxurious baroque light and sand colour, with white and soft shade. The furniture in the interior patterns for storing outfits, and also has lovely coffee tables.


In the bedroom there is also a large window and access to the balcony, stands a beautiful bouquet of pale pink blossoms.


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