Boxing Life by UdA

Boxing Daily life is a personal residence made by UdA.

It is located in Turin, Italy, and covers an location of 3,230 square feet.

Boxing Lifestyle by UdA:

“A Calvinist essentiality that recalls diaphanous, diffuse, pervasive lights in sharp contrast black and white, and rigorous geometry in which extremely small area is left indeterminate or uncertain. A seemingly scarce indulgence reminiscent of a much more evident sensuality, fast in the partnership among the entire body the occupation of the area, which finds expression by signifies of the geometric articulation of a sequence of containers containing and contained. Inspired by the oriental sensibility for the “box” as a container full of instruments for the unfolding of human lifestyle and by the drawer holding the domestic objects which are the major nucleus at the centre of the oriental domestic space, all the spaces are obtained from a sequence and superimposition of cupboards, containers and joinery that not only organise the functional elements of existence, but also have it, forming bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen and other residing spaces in a sequence that is at after labyrinthine, but clear and reassuring in its inexorable mechanism.

Even so, the container, modeled and modified by the very worked material surface, recalls and alludes to the bodily dimension of the human entire body and to a sensuality entirely devoted to containing existence humour, affection. Tragic, sweet, sublime Virgin of Nuremberg, the porcupine’s quills removed in an innocuous representation of the domestic fort/castle in which we come back to believing ourselves the masters of our personal lives, in a perennial oscillation in between intimate introversion and public exposure to the light, to relationships, to chance encounters, here represented by the expansive, fully-glazed residing room and entrance.

Following the game of the Chinese boxes placed 1 inside the other, 1 can think about a suburb that includes a creating that includes an apartment rooms, furniture and objects – or in a metaphorical sense a story that is made up of another. Definitely a modify of scale from the large to the tiny in which the thing that modifications is the dimension and not the value or relevance of the different boxes. Stories that proceed at occasions following the line of reason, at occasions in opposition – rational, orthogonal volumes that are at odds with furnishings with inclined planes, curved and asymmetrical fitting. Metallic laser-lower surfaces set towards hand-lacquered woods, graphic colors (black and white) towards red and ochre in a constant succession of light and shade, of completed versus crude, of low versus high, and of the playful versus the serious to give physique to a story that consists of, from passage to passage, from chapter to chapter, rigour and incoherence, calculation and improvisation, method and paradox.

French mathematician Henri Poincaré after stated “creativity is to unite existing components with new connections that they could be useful” “creativity is the union of disorder and order””

Floor Plan

Images by: Carola Ripamonti

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