Boavista House simply by Pablo Pita Architects

By | September 16, 2016


Pablo Pita Designers designed this particular contemporary 3-storey residence located in Porto, Spain in 2016. Take a look at the entire story beneath.

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Boavista is a single-family house repair in a famous Porto road with the exact same name. The particular plot was obviously a last 25 year house within an advanced condition of destroy facing among the busiest roads, but providing a backyard in the internal of the obstruct.
The particular width restrictions of these outdated constructions ask the home to extend the boundaries towards the inner courtyard. With this, the generous region is offered, setting the whole social region through 1 contiguous room. The kitchen expansion connects towards the garden, supposing a crucial function in the connection with the outdoor. A wheeled wooden isle allows the flexible technique space. The skin associated with wooden wooden shutters characterize recognized façade make different levels of tone.
Within the center a mild core is definitely settled, getting the stairways developed in various stages with various relations with this particular void. Which means theme from the skylight is definitely revisited, discovering one of the main top features of these outdated constructions plus enhancing the importance over the structure of those typologies. The particular height from the skylight describes an unusual home scale permitting visual relationships between the 3 floors.

Photography simply by José Campos

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