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BLLTT Home By Enrique Barberis

Argentinian architect Enrique Barberis has developed the BLLTT House.

Finished in 2013, this 3,767 square foot contemporary property is positioned in Pilar, Argentina.

The elegance and minimalism of the exterior is flawlessly continued in the interior design and style.

BLLTT Residence by Enrique Barberis:

“The property is situated at Pilar Town which is found at 42 kilometres from Buenos Aires city, Argentina.It was design and style to be used as a weekend house. Is situated above an atypical land that is a corner and has a triangular form.

We seeked for a straightforward answer for implantation through a strip on the ground floor, in which social action requires location: the desktop, the barbecue, the pool, patios, dining area and kitchen, melted in one area system.

Regardless of each and every space having its personal mark, his character, we worked on the concept of practical patency. On this strip rests a sober volume geometry, which is offset respect to the ground floor, generating various circumstances of access and galleries.

The sun path, was specially taken into consideration when deciding the implantation. So it was made a decision to open the house to the north to make achievable to capture the morning sun, so that spills on each and every room of the house.

The south façade help companies, bathrooms, kitchen, fireplace, and a cava protected from sunlight. The proximity of the street to this façade, sued to fix a a privacy issue.

In this search, the distinct all-natural environment, characterized by foliage, shot a singular type of resolving a service façade, which delivers natural mix with vegetation, and as a consequence adopt the protagonic character.

The patios articulate the interior and exterior of the residence by way of employs. The idea was to develop an unique interior – exterior room . The internal landscapes are modified with the different moments of the intensity of the sun and the succession of seasons.

The north facade, opens into the park, expressing the architectural plan.The makes use of, colours, textures, patios, volumes, water, sun, grass, fire, life, are expressed synthetically, without having outbursts, accompanying environmental harmony.”

Photos by: Alejandro Peral

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