Belas I by Estúdio Urbano

By Magaly • 50 mins ago

Belas I is a personal residence designed by Estúdio Urbano and positioned in Sintra, Portugal.

It is surrounded by a magnificent landscape, and provides its inhabitants with the utmost privacy and rest.

Belas I by Estúdio Urbano:

“The house is found inside the Belas Clube de Campo, a private condominium, where topography allowed to maximize exterior areas and supply privacy to the end users.

The task extends all through 3 floors the first floor comprehends garage, maid area, laundry space and technical area the second floor comprehends the office, residing space, kitchen and bedrooms the third floor is fully occupied with the master bedroom.

The stress in between the home and backyard is obtained by means of the creation of “balconies” that are intentionally greater than essential. The very same stress was created between the home and the sky by way of the thick solar shades. Autochthonous vegetation occupies the in depth gardened regions.”

Photos by: Joao Morgado

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