Baleia Condominium by Studio Arthur Casas

Baleia Condo is a private residence designed by Studio Arthur Casas.

It is positioned in São Sebastião, Brazil, and has magnificent beachfront views.

Baleia Condo by Studio Arthur Casas:

“The area of this condominium is exclusive, between a large rain forest reserve that covers the mountains of Serra do Mar and the nearly untouched seashore of Baleia, in the northern coast of the state of São Paulo. Our consumer needed to construct 4 homes in the plot that is reasonably little. The task had to ally privacy for each and every property with an architecture that need to reveal the landscape.

Our idea was to create a single strategy for all the houses that should perform as a unity taking benefit of the diagonal of the plot. By undertaking so the wall of the neighboring residence could turn into an fascinating room for the adjacent home, in a delicate game of constructed and empty spaces. The home is fairly narrow but extremely wealthy in paths and views.

The area demonstrates fairly plainly this division of spaces. A central patio gets an interior backyard even though bringing abundant light to the core of the house.

On the ground floor prepare a single might observe this intention of producing a path in which the landscape is exposed in layers as we approach the beach. The home is produced of 2 distinct volumes linked by a corridor up coming to the patio. On the first block are the services locations, kitchen and dining room. The ceiling is low, the dining room completely open to the patio from exactly where we can have a see to the sea. The spaces are reduced except for the double height living area. The glass door can slide completely outside the property, accentuating this integration between interior and exterior. The terrace is steady to the living space. A barbecue space was created underneath the master bedroom, separated from the terrace by a wall that supports the cantilever.In front of the terrace there is a swimming pool with a Jacuzzi, a sauna was designed beneath.

The stairs are separated from the corridors by a glass wall, that makes it possible for the light from the zenithal slit to invade all the floors. The 2nd floor is covered in wood in contrast with the stone of the ground floor. The guestrooms are distributed on a single side of the property with a view to the neighbors wall. This wall turns into a vertical backyard, rendering more comfy the shut presence of the neighbor’s residence. The corridor that connects both volumes has wooden louvers on the 2 sides, that enable an outstanding natural ventilation of the residence. After passing by the closet and bathroom the view is lead to the master bedroom the place a window was placed in the corner, framing the beach.

On the 2nd floor a property theater and a small kitchen were positioned on the 1st block. To permit the view of the seashore from the property theater the green roof above the residing area is lower. A solarium was placed above the master bedroom, with a generous see of the sea and the mountains behind the house.

All all through the residence the spaces are created with diagonal views to other spaces, in a continuous game of fusion among inside and outside. The project responds to the challenge of trying to keep privacy in between 4 shut neighbors without having losing the spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. The materials and textures delimitate intimate and public spaces, by the use of wood and stone. The façade is made of bricks. It is a seaside residence that has a robust Brazilian character by means of a contemporary vocabulary, taking advantage of our particular climate and special landscape.”

Pictures by: Fernando Guerra

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