Avilés-Ramos Residence by Ceres A+D

Avilés-Ramos Residence is a private property created by Ceres A+D, and situated in Albolote, Granada, Spain.

The modern property is predominantly white, both in the interior and exterior, offering the structure an air of peace and tranquility.

Avilés-Ramos Residence by Ceres A+D:

“The result is born from the clear ideas that the owners had formed for their home. This is a youthful no-kid couple who demanded open spaces, to produce their personal residing, but keeping every single an own small location. They were searching for extremely vivid interiors, although with some management of the sun in the hotter months, and right communicated with the outdoors location, to extend the house for the lengthy intervals that the weather enables in this latitude.

The office translated the demands of the owners to the venture, watching the development methods and studying the elements that affect numerous facets of the process, taking advantage of building orientation and scale of the piece of land, developing a set of clear clean volumes in response to diverse spaces the program established.

The owners like organize meetings, parties and other occasions with pals and loved ones, so the property is arranged on 2 ranges, the principal one, an nearly special room and quite open to the outside, and the upper level, more unique and intimate, improving the worth on the communication between them along the shared common volume. Both levels have a distinct compositional response in the elevations, the upper level as a broken but continuous entire body, leaning on the reduce boxes that react to the distinct makes use of of the main level. This reduced level is composed by these containers each and every housing a various use, separated by axis of physical and visual communication amongst the 2 strips of ground.

These lines score references amongst within and outdoors, the constructed and the organic. The fact that owners maintain a continuous presence throughout the function, brought on some changes in the venture to get a last end result even far more in line with the tips they’ve held from the starting, as nicely as new ones that come up for the duration of developing procedure.”

Very first Level
Second Degree

Images by: Luis Ceres Ruiz

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