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Apartment With Expensive Sanitary Porcelain And Décor, And Affordable Furniture


The Hosts:
Anastasia and Alexander, financiers

Quantity of rooms: 2
Metric spot: fifty 5 m²
Ceiling height: m
Floor variety: 3

Several years ago Anastasia created up her thoughts to promote a 3-area apartment in Moscow, which came to her from her Grandma, and purchase a smaller sized lodging in a various neighborhood. Her search efforts had been concentrated on previous housing stock with substantial ceilings and strong walls. In the finish she fixed on a 2-area flat on Kutuzov Avenue in a single of the final pre-war homes.

When a student, the proprietor was renting the flat out, but after graduation made a slight refurbishment and started out to reside here on her personal. Only final year it came to total overhaul. For the duration of the renovation, which lasted practically a yr, the lodging acquired one a lot more inhabitant. Nevertheless, the initially bachelor’s apartment proved to be very good for 2 also.

Ahead of the refurbishment a great share of residing room was consumed by a prolonged corridor and walls among tiny rooms and a kitchen. New layout and functional options claimed professional attention beneath the hostess’ guidance, and Anastasia turned to Andrew Kalina.


A modest kitchen (one), a residing area (2) and an entrance hall (3) had been joined, while the bedroom zone and a walk-in closet have been, on the contrary, allocated. In décor the hostess sought to use only higher-quality and organic components: workers removed outdated plaster, uncovered brick masonry, laid sandstone plate and oak parquetry, and faced the bathroom with mosaic. Tile Winckelmans, “Greta Wolf”. Sofa Pushe. An previous lower-glass chandelier received a new lifestyle right after becoming re-painted white.


Molding was restored. The hosts had been willing to loosen the purse strings on sanitary porcelain and décor, which resulted in a modest spending budget left for furniture. Nevertheless, the hostess approached the interior layout with creativity, going past solely IKEA products (which are surely present right here anyway). Bracketry connecting the table with a kitchen island was manufactured by a friend in his motorbike restore room.

31-kitchen 32-sofa-and-workplace

Anastasia’s dream was obtaining a bathroom window, but shifting the sanitary unit was strictly prohibited. Nevertheless, the window did seem. Correct, it does not overlook the street, but the bedroom. Because the latter is positioned on a sunny side, in the daytime the bathroom will get ample organic light. Mosaic, as nicely as the sandstone plate, was customized-made. Mixing taps and sanitaryware by Damixa, Roca, Jacob Delafon.

41-bathroom 42-toilet 43-shower

Plywood built-in closets for the lounge and bedroom, and a sliding partition turned out to be less costly in St. Petersburg, even such as transportation fees. A bed with a lift mechanism is made by Dream Land. A console mirror of 1930s was purchased from the Web. The Moomins wallpaper was Alexander’s idte fixe. A little bedside table came to Anastasia from her great-grandmother the girl only had it chipped. Closet by Mr. Doors.

51-Plywood developed-in closets 52-bedroom 53-closet

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