Apartment in Kiev by Irina Mayetnaya and Mikhail Golub

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This warm apartment was developed by Irina Mayetnaya and Mikhail Golub.

It is located in Kiev, Ukraine.

Apartment in Kiev by Irina Mayetnaya and Mikhail Golub:

“The task was implemented by architect Irina Mayetnaya and Mikhail Golub. The one,000 square feet apartment is found in Kiev, Ukraine. The apartment layout planning was constrained by all windows facing 1 side of the creating. The purpose was to create a contemporary and practical apartment for the youthful household with youngsters.

One of the principal problems was making sure that adequate all-natural light would make its way within the apartment. 3 rooms were therefore planned close to the window wall: the major residing room, the children’s room and the workplace room.

The latter was linked to the kitchen by way of floor to ceiling glass doors, an ingenious way permitting light to advance within the residence. In this distinct situation, the kitchen gets to be the center of the crib, the spot for all the family to get collectively. The sofa and dining table are nearby, every single having a clever strategic position.”

Pictures by: Andrey Avdeenko

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