A Summertime Residence in Spain


Vibrant summertime home positioned in Costa Brava, Spain. Over this villa worked designer Marina & Co. That villa is created for summer holidays couples


Bedroom in the interior has a pleasant tone of beige, bright fuchsia shade and milky. Bathroom is connected to bedroom, 1 extremely convenient for sizzling climates.


Bedroom tiny dimension, but quite thick and functional, the window has a semicircular shape, a window with a stunning sight of nature and the beach.


The living room is a dining table constructed of firm wood, all around the table or chairs that are constructed of wood. From the living area opens to a summer season backyard where breakfast can also be executed.


The street is a table, which is made for a joint holiday. The interior of all products made of wood, for example, stairs, flooring, and even a summer patio. The way holds tons of windows that seem out on the every day sunshine.


Adjacent to the kitchen is a table. Kitchen built in traditional mode. Operate surfaces are constructed of wood and painted gray. In the inside of the entire property uses a bunch of vibrant colours to produce a calming ambience, and soften the grain of the wood.


In the within of the home is filled with wooden objects. The centrifuge has been constructed of brick, with wood trim. Ceiling area decorated by wooden beams. All equipment in the interior built-in, which is genuine pragmatic.


The residing room is really useful, there is an intriguing coffee table with wheels. Situated near the wall shelving. On a shelf is a wood stove in a sizzling country, it is rather as an component of decor.

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