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A small and comfortable apartment


A small apartment is set up and adapted for accommodation and comfortable remain, comfort and relaxation can be comfy in any room, if appropriately adapted.


In this remarkable apartment literally almost everything can very easily be transformed, can be multifunctional, and hit the area comfortable and roomy.

3-white ceiling

The interior utilizes a assortment of directions, shades, this home fully. Transformed and it was made by Studio Garneau.

4-long table

The apartment is harmonious that can very easily get out of bed in the wall, and modular sofa can turn into a comfy double bed.

5-green carpet

The apartment has a massive variety of gorgeous and interesting information, this kind of as the wall hides the sleeper, and a library, and an added wall is employed for viewing movies, and the wall is used as a cover.

6-small kitchen

Kitchen – this is one more great spot with a single button dinner table can flip into a huge doing work area. The bathroom wall hiding like laundry baskets and lockers.

7-gray sofa

The dining spot is situated amongst the kitchen and living area, so you can have a celebration to move seamlessly from the kitchen to the living area amongst the front space and the kitchen is a big closet with shelving, which efficiently placed the guide and other equipment, and the cabinet can shop garments and linens.

8-spacious hallway

When the bed in the area cleaned in the wall, and there is a whole lot of space for yoga or other physical exercise-friendly, in fact at this point there is a gorgeous window which transmits normal light with vibrant rays.


Opposite the bed is a gorgeous wooden shelves for books and lamps, pillows on the bed flat, but really brilliant, from the stunning textiles.

10-sleeper 11-hidden Closet 12-shower

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