10 beds in present day interior


Pool positioned following to the bed, which is quite unusual and intriguing. In the morning you can wake up and go for a swim in the pool.

8-Birdsnest Bed

Bed in a nest really useful and handy, it is not suitable for sleeping, but for recreation for young children is quite useful.


Bed in an interior hanging chain, the residence has to swing in diverse instructions, this will permit the bed to sleep rocking that is quite conducive to rest.


Transformer bed and can be practiced outdoors, as it is closed. The bed can also be utilized at house, you can near on each sides and in the daytime, fasten it with the 2 sides.

6-children’s bed

Cots that resembles a tent, a godsend for those energetic youngsters who do not like to sleep. Layers of this brand can be varied vivid colors.


The bed is effectively suited for couples who like to lie in bed, read a book, or observe the guide. At that place are hassle-free shelves.

4- trend bed

Modern bed, built-in beds Tv, and audio that can be appreciated while comforting on the bed. This bed can also be utilized to perform video games. This bed engineering surprise.

3-mobile beds

In a tiny space can match not only the spot and sleeper. This kind of a comfy bed in the daytime is tucked away on the roof. During nap, the bed is lowered and to a large degree, which you can climb by means of stairs.

2-Cocoon Tree

The bed is designed to remain close to the sea, the seaside, and the place a huge quantity of solar batter. This layer is referred to as ‘Cocoon Tree’. The bottom has probably closed shutters.

1-Cosmos Bed

This bed was named Cosmos. Modern day bed made with the alarm clock, vibrant lighting, which can do soft and pleasant, there is audio, there is also the aromatic program. Lighting like the starry sky. The bed is manufactured of white fiberglass.

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