Mauro Lipparins Curva Armchair: A Sculptural Touch

Mauro Lipparin’s Curva Armchair: A Sculptural Touch

Here is an armchair that is a study in contrasts: soft and difficult, round and sharp-edged, plush and smooth.  The textures and type of the Curva armchair all level toward a modern sculpture that contributes a large ar2rk accent to a home.  Mauro Lipparini developed the Curva armchair for Potocco to produce with all of the experience their craftsmen carry to the table.

curva 2 Mauro Lipparins Curva Armchair: A Sculptural Touch

The Curva armchair by Mauro Lipparini

Lipparini started with a cylindrical pouf upholstered in material or your option of leather, and finished with low profile stitching to compliment the seamless, flowing round form that kinds the seat and base of the chair.  Already, the column-like seat base stands in contrast to the extremely material it is covered with: the strong form of a column finished in soft, pliable upholstery with a padded seat.

curva 1 Mauro Lipparins Curva Armchair: A Sculptural Touch

Curva armchair with its soft, pliable upholstery

Mauro Lipparini didn’t end there with the Curva armchair by Potocco his imaginative play on using materials that contrast towards their form.  He designed a geometric, abstract type for the backrest that nonetheless echos the chair’s identify, Curva, into its smooth lines.  The matte-finished oak backrest stands straight and company compared to the plush base.  The entire armchair rests on a swivel mechanism for facing any course, excellent for serving as a freestanding focal stage in any room.

Its economical dimension also indicates that it can be integrated easily anyplace from the bedroom to the review.  Your very own Curva armchair will definitely push the limits of how you define a chair whilst it subtlety showcases the edgiest in style concept.

Wouldn’t you really like to consider a seat in the Curva armchair?

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