Inspiring Illumination: Bolla Lamp by Gervasoni

Inspiring Illumination: Bolla Lamp By Gervasoni

The Bolla Lamp from Gervasoni evokes the rustic feeling of a globe traveler.  Like a merchant from northern Africa or the Near East, these lamps lend an air of experience that comes with a background of lengthy travels.  The Bolla is a floor-standing lamp with a all-natural rattan texture and natural shape that phone to mind a nomadic camp.  Bursting with rich sights, sounds, and smells, the Bolla Lamp would match correct in among the exotic cultures across the desert.  You can deliver some foreign mystery into all corners of your house with this floor lamp.

bolla 2 Inspiring Illumination: Bolla Lamp by Gervasoni

Bolla lamp by Gervasoni

bolla 3 Inspiring Illumination: Bolla Lamp by Gervasoni

Bolla lamps in woven rattan texture

The Bolla Lamp by Gervasoni is available in the original organic colour, ebony, or matte white, the woven texture of every single one will produce a light display of patterns on your wall like an open fire at night. The only aspects that are updated from a accurate rural lamp are the contemporary electrical wiring and on/off switch that accommodates a 42-watt bulb (not incorporated).  Offered in the 2 220- and 110-volt versions, with a US-design plug on the 110-volt model.  Standing along or in a group, the Bolla lamp will capture your interest with its slender, curved figure and mesmerize you with its playful combine of light and shadow.

bolla 1 Inspiring Illumination: Bolla Lamp by Gervasoni

Bolla lamps cast a gorgeous glow

Tucked into a corner to supply warm ambient light, this floor lamp will definitely bring a fleeting glimpse of the exotic nomad into your décor.  If your residence has the atmosphere of a well-worn traveler then the Bolla lamp will blend effortlessly.  On the other hand, in a more traditional style the sculptural components of the Bolla lamp will contribute a contrast of textural type.

Can you see the foreign mystique of the Bolla Lamp?

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