A Royal Slumber: The Suite Bed by Autoban

A Royal Slumber: The Suite Bed By Autoban

In a surprising blend of 2 different design and style types, Autoban gives its Suite Bed as a visual treat and royal escape.  Both Japanese and French influences join with each other for the Suite Bed.  The austere minimalism of Japanese style doesn’t instantly appear like a complimentary option to ornate French elegance, but after you have seen and skilled the Suite Bed any doubt in your mind will be place to rest.  The Japanese styling is most evident in the minimal platform frame, a significant trend that feels light-weight and straightforward with no the added size of a box spring.

suite 1 A Royal Slumber: The Suite Bed by Autoban

Suite bed by Autoban

suite 2 A Royal Slumber: The Suite Bed by Autoban

The Suite Bed lets you rest in luxury styling

The Suite Bed by Autoban does not rest straight on the ground as some platform beds do, but on recessed legs that permit the bed to “float” in your bedroom.  The rich tones in the wood veneers and noticeable joints have a craftsman-like, Zen vibe that brings your just a small bit closer to nature. The headboard of the Suite Bed is a sharp departure from geometric Asian patterns.  Unmistakably like a French wing chair, the complete back would seem to curve protectively about the pillows propped towards the interior upholstered panels.  The height and drama that the headboard adds immediately brings a sense of royal luxury that a easy platform bed would otherwise lack.

suite 3 A Royal Slumber: The Suite Bed by Autoban

Suite bed for a regal rest encounter

There is no way to miss the regal presence of the Suite Bed in your personal sanctuary, but you will never want to keep away from its invitation to loosen up.  The wings make an superb location to prop oneself for reading or viewing television for nights when you aren’t really ready to shut off the lights.

Are you prepared to retreat to your Suite Bed for the evening?

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