Zhukovka XXI – Russia by UNK Project

A sprawling modern dream property, Zhukovka XXI is situated in Russia and was developed by UNK Task. The 8,900 square foot framework boasts light, texture and a subdued palette, turning out to be a beautiful portrayal of minimalist opulence.

The constructing itself is comprised of stone blocks interrupted by a series of glazed vertical panels. Steel rod installations frame various trees and backyard locations, resembling what a single may possibly see at a grand monument. A considerable carpet of grass injects a dose of colour and softness into the setting.

The stunning stonework is continued inside as walls, even though plentiful glass partitions also separate these huge spaces. The primary living area is double-height, accentuated by complete-volume windows dressed with sheer draperies and mirrored wall. Warming the luxurious interiors are medium-wood ceilings and floors, which elegantly contrast the white linen furnishings. The palette is stored neutral with earthy taupes and cool greys adding an understated richness.

The adjacent dining room can be viewed from the living area and as 1 enters, the ceiling lowers and the vibe is a bit much more intimate in spite of the huge strategy. The kitchen’s workspace and appliances are definitely hidden behind a hulking concrete island and cabinetry along the rear wall.  A large wood dining table is embraced by curved leather chairs, with a duet of pendants with “disconnected”  disks hovering over. This pattern is a subtle reference to the outdoor courtyard which functions a circular roof lower-out where a tree gently pierces by way of it–always a fresh architectural approach to enhancing nature!

2 wooden staircases fit amongst stone walls and lead to the 2nd floor which features a split bedroom program. An angled ceiling panel of skylights illuminates the 2 the stairwells and these personal locations casting plentiful natural light. The master suite is graceful with billowy sheers on the windows, dim lighting and soft white bedding. The bathroom is sleek, wrapped in smooth stone with rectangular basins, vanity and soaking tub.

Geometrical in nature, Zhukovka XXI may turn into the new normal of contemporary dream property design and style, tempering lavishness with a dose of simplicity.

Posted by Suzanne at 17 December, 2013

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