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Zero Energy Home by BLAF Architecten

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Zero Vitality Home is found in Asse, Belgium and was finished in 2009.

It was designed by BLAF Architecten, and functions an interior mindful of the needed practicalities in a space meant for raising children whilst nevertheless getting fashionable.

Zero Energy Residence by BLAF Architecten:

“Belgium is one particular of the most dense, yet endlessly dispersed locations in Europe, and has come to a point in which the present models for spatial advancement, typically based on personal ownership of land, are no longer justifiable.

The ambition of this venture in Asse was not to criticize this scenario, but to check out an different and positive approach, and trigger a shift in the behaviour that created this issue, reflecting the architects’ research into the creating capacity of architecture on a spatial, social and ecological degree.

The web site of the residence is in a leftover good deal in a 1960s housing advancement. By creating the front yard of the residence as a semi-public playground, and by using the front facade of the property as a drawing board, this house becomes a far more social and hospitable component in the neighbourhood. The unexpected introduction of the semi-public room dislocates the allotment’s rigid concepts of privacy and territory.

The topography and orientation of the internet site, and the passive residence principals have lead to an efficient skin layout that embodies the transparency, flexibility and interaction of the home.”

Initial Degree
2nd Degree

Photographs by: Stijn Bollaert

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