Ylofa Palme by AI-Studio

By Magaly – Classes: Apartments, Bathroom, Decorative Equipment, Dining Area, Furniture, Interior Design, Living Space, Offices   

This 2,150 square foot contemporary apartment situated in Moscow was created by AI-Studio.

The interior is stylish and clean, with big windows to permit all-natural light to permeate the room.

Ylofa Palme by AI-Studio:

“Covering the outdoors wall by a walnut wood, we left the rest of the area in light colours. All cabinets are developed-in: bar, Television, garments. All illumination is presented by light-emitting diodes in cutting. Bathrooms are in the micro-cement.

Parquet boards have width of forty cm (16 in). Slabs of organic stone of dimension 1200x1200mm (47x47in). The bedroom door is a swing door with dimension 3000×1500 mm (10x5ft).”

Images courtesy of AI-Studio

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