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White Cave Residence by Takuro Yamamoto Architects

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White Cave House is a single-loved ones residence found in Kanazawa, Japan.

It was made by Takuro Yamamoto Architects and finished in 2013.

White Cave Residence by Takuro Yamamoto Architects:

“White Cave Property is a substantial lump engraved by a series of voids interconnected in the form of a kinked tube. The connection of voids – we call it Cave – is the theme of this property. Inner rooms are created to take pleasure in the minimal views of Cave characterized by its whiteness. At the same time, this concept is also the practical solution to recognize a courtyard residence in Kanazawa city recognized for hefty snow in Japan.

The client’s unique request was a white minimally-developed property with numerous external spaces, this kind of as a massive snow-evidence approach to the entrance, a roofed garage for multiple cars, a terrace facing to the sky, and a courtyard. Even though a roofed entrance and a garage are desirable for snowy spot, it will take so a lot of floor areas away from the inner rooms for the loved ones, although the space and the spending budget is constrained. In addition, courtyard style itself is not appropriate to the snowy nation because courtyards would be easily buried below snow.

To fix the issues, we proposed to connect these external spaces one an additional into a huge single tube, or Cave, and have every component serve numerous functions in buy to make up for the area limitations. We made Cave unstraight since it prevents passengers outside from seeing by way of, though it is not closed. By this arrangement, Cave takes a new flip for every element letting in the sunshine although safeguarding privacy of the courtyard, the terrace, and the internal rooms. The loved ones within can get pleasure from the view of Cave changing its contrast throughout a day beneath the sunshine. Cave also serves as a route to take away snow from the external spaces in winter, otherwise you would be at a reduction with a good deal of snow in the enclosed courtyard.

In purchase to make Cave deserve its name more, we wondered if we could include the reflection of water to the home since we considered water is inseparable from white caves. We at some point figured out that the terrace was an suitable website to place it. The terrace covered by white waterproof FRP holds a thin layer of water like a white basin. On the terrace reflecting the skyview without obstacles, you may come to feel that Cave has brought you to one more globe far from the everyday daily life.”

Pictures courtesy of Takuro Yamamoto Architects

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