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Voila Home by Fabian Tan Architect

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Malaysian architect Fabian Tan has developed the Voila Residence.

Finished in 2013, this 5,112 square foot contemporary residence in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, features a distinctive circular living room with sliding walls which can be organized to develop an outside space.

Voila Property by Fabian Tan Architect:

“The brief was to transform a common pitched roofed bungalow property into a modern day modern house. The configuration of the bedrooms upstairs have been retained, extended only to make the rooms bigger. The major redesign centered on the ground floor with the disassembling of walls into open program spaces.

From the initial site check out, the big umbrella trees in the garden left a deep impression. Inspired by this, the layout of the loved ones rooms would naturally face this green serene outward view. The widespread regions lengthen into the backyard, in a U-shape manner with the personal rooms and kitchen positioned on the other side of the house.

The umbrella trees pleasantly support shade the tropical sunlight into the double volume formal residing area. A set of large revolving doors were specifically produced, in order to maximise viewing angles. When closed, it gives a secured shaded display with windows within for ventilation, producing it effectively a cool indoor residing space. Even so, when opened, the room transforms into an unobstructed outside room. This circular type allows the flexibility for these swift obscuring of boundaries in between the garden and the area.

Past the staircase behind the formal residing, is the wide open prepare informal residing, kitchen and dining. These spaces have been designed intentionally in a white palette to let normal light to emanate via the room. At the rear end of the residence, an extended dining space supplies an element of privacy from the neighbouring property. Also, it gives a longitudinal view in the direction of the garden, trees and the defining circular living room.”

Pictures by: Eiffel Chong

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