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Village Residence by Powerhouse Business

Village Residence is a weekend residence constructed by Powerhouse Firm.

It is located in northern Sjælland, Denmark, and is surrounded by lush and vibrant vegetation.

Village Residence by Powerhouse Firm:

“Village Home

Powerhouse Company was asked to style a weekend property for a youthful family members in northern Sjælland, Denmark. Village House is an exploration on the possibilities of the Summer cabin, the conventional Danish vacation house. Even though keeping the cabin’s footprint little, spatial as effectively as sustainable, there is a broad range of spatial possibilities, by employing a 5-fingered floor program.

Hold it in the family

The residence is a cluster of 5 wings, like miniature cabins. These fan out like a hand spreading 5 fingers in excess of the internet site, making a variety of views, light effects and outside places. This variation means the home offers an enjoyable environment all 12 months round and at all times of day. For instance, a large window over the living space makes it possible for sunlight to bathe the dining table at all around midday.

Summerhouses are historically loved ones spaces, but when young children expand older they need far more independence from their parents. Consequently the ‘village of cabins’ organisation, with radiating individual spaces that are united in the centre. Each member of the loved ones properly has the choice of privacy when they require it. Meanwhile a star-shaped central space, uniting the living space and kitchen, kinds the shared region which however provides pockets of seclusion to invest time alone whilst still in the family members circle.

This solution faithfully displays the rather various wishes of the household members. One particular desired a picturesque, cosy and archetypal summerhouse, even though yet another wanted a spacious and modern feeling. The 2 desires are united in the layout.

A specified frontier feeling

In basing Village Home on the traditional Danish summerhouse, even though adding modern suggestions of space, Powerhouse Company has designed a modern harmony. The elementary wooden construction has a pitched roof, and it is black, the most discreet colour in nature, like the dark shadows in the surrounding woods. Within, the uniform white surface maximises the northern light.

The rustic but contemporary resolution is lower servicing, which is a lot more crucial for a holiday property than providing plenty of space. From an architectural stage of see, its near relationship to the context is particularly considerable in a vacation property. The home contrasts with the routine home of the clientele, and supplies the basis for a separate life style. Is not that what we are looking for when we go on holiday?”

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Photographs by: Åke E. Son Lindman

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