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Villa Skipås by Tengbom

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Swedish architectural firm Tengbom has developed the Villa Skipås in Halmstad, Sweden.

Completed in 2008, this 2,583 square foot contemporary property characteristics a brilliant and spacious interior with an extraordinary 15.7 foot large ceiling.

Villa Skipås by Tengbom:

“A paved path leads up to the broad, white entry door, which provides a sturdy contrast to the otherwise entirely black façade. A massive window in excess of the entry door reveals that the milieu on the other side of the door will be light and airy, and that is precisely what the hall is. The unique layout is truly striking when one particular appears back above the entrance region from the hall. The ceiling height – a huge 4.80 m – creates wonderful space and leads the eye all the way via the living space and out to the interesting cliff-top locations that so naturally surround the generous wooden terrace.

The large window and sliding door sections erase the boundary in between the living space and the terrace and the spaces virtually come to feel like they flow collectively. The layout of the sitting area on the upper floor, from whose glass railing 1 can stand and look out in excess of the entry floor, assists develop the impression of a quite open and appealing layout, regardless of the clear room-based division into a kitchen, residing room, terrace and sitting space.

The venture was carried out by Arket Arkitekter, which has been element of the Tengbom group considering that 2011.”

Images by: Majvi Johansson

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