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Villa di Gioia – Bisceglie, Italy by Pedone Working

Residing in the coastal town of Bisceglie, Italy, Villa di Gioia is a present day dream property crafted by the talented architect Pedone Doing work. The white-on-white minimalist structure attributes 2 major volumes surrounding a central terrace, and is nestled completely within its organic seaside setting.

From the modest entrance gate, wide steps form a bridge, jutting gracefully from the sloped terrain and descending to the home’s entrance off the main patio. The alternating white boxes are elegantly injected with a glass zone on the ground floor which homes the open residing region. A linear water attribute runs straight beneath this glassed-in region, contributing a soothing power to the facade. This distinctive visual method to the house provokes an anticipation of the easy splendor that awaits inside.

Passive energies had been interwoven into the home’s plan including a photovoltaic roof system, heat pump integration and clever architectural design and style delivering geometric openings for both ample light and shading.

Interiors are resplendent in white, which practically looks to glow as the light is refracted throughout the day. Furnishings are decidedly modern day, although fairly spare, as this home  beholds a bare beauty not requiring considerably more. Plentiful glazing, large ceilings and a basic palette of white-and-wood keeps the vibe light and airy, while ruby reds and navy blues include polish.

The kitchen is just as open, solely featuring decrease cabinetry which is wrapped with a smooth wood veneer. A financial institution of windows rests above the countertops, pouring light into this room which is highlighted by a white, mid-century modern dining table and chairs.

A fireplace is constructed into the wall betwen the 2 residing spaces, although a deep-set wall cut-out provides storage for the wood–genius style! An adjacent set of pale timber steps with wire-cable railing ascends to the second floor in which the more private bedroom places are positioned within the L-shaped floor plan.

Set inside of Southern Italy, Villa di Gioia is a modern dream property which superbly embraces the Mediterranean countryside, sky and light which surround it.

Photography by Sergio Camplone.

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Posted by Suzanne at 4 November, 2013

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