Vacation Property Havsdalen by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

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Vacation Residence Havsdalen is a venture finished by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter.

It is found in Buskerud, Norway and was finished in 2013.

Holiday Home Havsdalen by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter:

“The vacation home is located close to the village Geilo, a popular skiing location in the valley Hallingdal. Ski resorts are abundant close to the lodge, with a freestyle terrain park proper next to the website. Out of winter season, the mountains supply outstanding hiking opportunities as effectively as other sporting routines.

The loved ones of 4 with anticipation of a fifth addition supplied a straight-forward plan for their mountain lodge: 4 bedrooms, separate living and dining regions, a youth lounge and a mezzanine for the younger kids. In addition a modest annex would accommodate guests and going to grandparents.

Our response was a cabin of clear and clean-lower expression with a steady skin of timber cladding on the exterior walls and roof, which will obtain a grey patina with time. The volume consists of a principal body, housing largely bedrooms, which follow the all-natural contours of the landscape and splits into 2 living zones. This shift in program and use of numerous ranges allows the creating to adapt to the slope of the site. The separate volume of the annex is positioned in extension of the primary entire body, contributing to the 3 characteristic split views by way of entirely glazed finish walls.

The cabin is entered beneath the cantilevered glazed volume into a hall with polished in-situ concrete floor, working as an intermediate zone to get rid of ski boots and outside clothing. A wooden stair ascends from the reduced basement and opens onto the generous area of the residing quarters, capped by a complicated ceiling of pitched planes large over. At the core of the vacation house, where the separate wings branch off from the primary physique in strategy, is the kitchen. Its countertop of glass fiber reinforced concrete is cantilevered into the center of the room and anchored by a 2-sided fireplace at the other end. Methods go onto separate spaces for dining and relaxing by the suspended 2nd fireplace.

The extruded type of the construction frames the magnificent views from within the cabin, even though strategically positioned smaller sized openings along its volume offers glimpses of the quick surroundings. The elevated levels of the residing and dining areas give its occupants with a large degree of privacy, more enjoyed by ample seating niches within the outer walls. The interior floor, walls and ceiling are homogeneously lined with practically knot-cost-free joinery timber, while all opening frames are concealed or discrete. The consideration to detail and high top quality is thorough and coherent all through the venture.

By way of sliding doors along the hallway of the narrow main entire body is every single of the bedrooms as properly as a bathroom with sauna. The master bedroom opens onto a gable-shaped window extruded via the side wall for an outlook onto the evening sky, whilst every single of the children’s bedrooms has a loft bunk bed for visiting close friends. At the far end of the hall is the youth lounge and overhead mezzanine with views by means of the glazed gable end straight onto the ski slope.

The mountain lodge is a continuation of Norwegian creating traditions in kind and materiality, perched beautifully within its landscape and responding to its context.”

Pictures by: Søren Harder Nielsen & courtesy of Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

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