Three-Degree Loft – Paris, France by NZI Architects

At under 540 square feet, the 3-Level Loft in Paris, France neatly portrays how little spaces can turn into spacious, airy ones. Challenged by the limited floor plan, NZI Architects determined to open up this flat (formerly an artist’s studio) by raising the living space and perching a glass-walled bedroom/work loft on the prime degree. The outcome is a vivid and charming flat, with a bit of Bohemian appeal.

Exposed brown brickwork, raw stone and hefty steel beams perform properly with the exterior wall of windows dealing with the quaint courtyard which is organized with planters and a teak wood dining set.

Function is everything in this tiny apartment, with the kitchen featuring storage beneath the steep white staircase. Light wood cabinets are framed by a smooth stone countertop, which is simultaneously a cooktop island. This culinary spot shares immediate space with the dining area set with present day table and chairs. Lighting is stored simple, with bulbs and metal shades on red wires attributing to the arty ambiance.

2 sound steps ascend to the white living room fitted with a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf which follows the elegantly slanted roofline. Walls are left bare, making it possible for the a variety of functions of ar2rk to lean against them. Total volume drapes run the length of the apartment, generating yet one more level of easy sophistication within this intimate dwelling.

On the second level, the bedroom/artist’s studio floats above the kitchen zone, clad in glass panels which pivot open. An authentic stone wall adds rich texture to the otherwise minimalist area which manages to fit a work desk with chair in it, too.

The 3-Level Loft is an eye-catching, modest present day dream apartment which defies area restrictions with a clever approach and artistic energy.

Posted by Suzanne at 12 December, 2013

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