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The Warehaus – Perth, Australia By Residential Attitudes

The Warehaus is a sleek modern dream property situated in a suburban community in the coastal city of Perth, Australia. Developed as a spec home by Residential Attitudes, wood, concrete and metal drive this home’s cool aesthetic, although an integrated passive solar power method completes the package deal.

The 2-story property is striking with dark timber cladding set against brilliant white, light-filled interiors and soars with a desirable openness. On the main level, the living room shares room with the present day kitchen, divided only by the gorgeous ethanol fireplace unit, a floating concrete partition. Colours in the 2 areas are rooted in black, white and grey-brown–including the stone flooring–while woods and an exotic print accent rug by the sofa add warmth. A close by function study/library is located down the hall.

A bay of sliding glass doors brings the outside in, a splendid big patio with lounge seating and an H-shaped custom stainless steel outdoor grill. Dramatic metal screening and an exposed upper mezzanine with gridded floor contribute a decidedly industrial edge. A green lawn extends from this entertainment region, reaching into the landscaped yard which remains private as a outcome of the home’s layout.

Vertical wood beams are set as a wall down one hallway, foremost to the master suite which also resides on this floor and possesses its very own personal courtyard. A wall of horizontal timber planks gets the bed’s headboard, although a whimsical, printed wallpaper creates curiosity in the otherwise black-and-white room. The minimalist bath right here is swathed in taupe stonework, whilst a linear white basin and glazed stroll-in shower support create the meant oasis.

A cantilevered staircase positioned towards double-story windows which overlook the terrace and gardens leads to the upstairs living quarters. This zone attributes wood flooring and consists of 2 bedrooms, a separate lounge and kitchenette.

An ideal property for today’s extended household, The Warehaus is a modern dream residence with green energy, smooth finishes, abundant light and a spaciousness generating it a livable dwelling for all generations to take pleasure in.

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