The PlayRoom by WeNew Innovation

WeNew Innovation have made the PlayRoom, a practical space exactly where children perform even though receiving wellness therapies.






Task description

To envision this venture the designers have studied children behavior and translate the naturalness of the kid into the room interaction: the toys are made in the very own interactive architecture. The project concept was born from the trend of time valorization combined with wellcare, so whilst kids perform, remedies – such as colour therapy, music therapy, aromatherapy and reflexology – are taking place in a natural and organic way. “I think that children understand rapidly and, more and much more, they understand in distinct techniques. They uncover factors by playing and understand by discovering” says Michelle Souza, UX Designer and co-founder of WeNew Innovation. “Each interaction with the diverse elements of the area provides new discoveries and it offers option types of wellbeing” says Vivian Grieco, Strategic Designer and co-founder.

The interactive experiences of the room are:

Piano Suvinil Colours
Interactive floor with the new colour palette of Suvinil (foremost paint firm in Brazil). Every single essential of the piano, when stepped, sounds a note of piano that corresponds to a color, according to the shade treatment study.

Interactive Wall Paint
With a basic simulating movement with the hand dealing with the wall, the youngster can paint and re-paint the wall in a virtual and interactive way.

Mothers and fathers&Children Move
A pair of swings were developed to be the audience “seats” of the little ones display stage. When the dad and mom seats and swings it, the mechanical energy of swinging it is transformed into electrical energy, lighting the spotlights that illuminate the youngster on stage. The proposal behind this action is encouraging dad and mom interaction (audience) and youngsters (demonstrate).

Multi-Therapeutic Niche
Cushioned niches in which little ones can relax and come to feel the blends of crucial oils, color treatment, and binaural hearing therapies that induce creativity, chill out or energizing.

The Play Area was proven at Casa Cor, São Paulo (Brazil).

Style: WeNew Innovation
Photography by Flavia Faustino

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