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The Mullet by March Studio

The Mullet is a private residence situated in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

It was designed by March Studio in 2013 and covers an location of 3,445 square feet.

The Mullet by March Studio:

“Situated in Melbourne’s inner-city suburb of Kensington, ‘The Mullet’ performs contorted gymnastics in order to facilitate an ambitious short on a small, but opportunistic site. The clients, Scott Smith and Phoebe Moore, wished to commission not only a new and relaxed home, but also sought a demanding design and style. Working a family business in development, Scott and Phoebe’s personal house would turn out to be an possibility for them to showcase their own abilities.

A Heritage overlay shaped the design and style for the front of the dwelling, requiring that the cottage façade and 1st number of rooms flanking Hardiman Street be retained and renovated, (red roof and all.) This is where the formality is, the face to the heritage land of Eas2od Street blends seamlessly with its cottage neighbours. 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms are resolved into the pre-determined Edwardian shell, freeing up the new extension for the living areas.

The ‘fun’ begins to emerge when rounding Hardiman Street. “I really don’;t like it” – says one particular of the locals half way by means of development. “It’s not in keeping with the area…” The new extension is not meant to be sympathetic to an older style but rather been shaped by the clients’ short, solar access and 1 of Melbourne’s ideal views back onto the city.

The balancing act that the local resident detested emerged when the brief known as for off-street parking. The residence would straddle the parking region, and even with the grade of Hardiman Street to advantage, excavation was unavoidable. Considering that a digger would be coming to internet site anyway, the possibility to dig a small deeper and sink a big concrete box (along with the children in it) was far also great to refuse. Buried inside the concrete box is the rumpus room, wine cellar, laundry, and an added bathroom. The box is capped with a concrete lid and garnished with strategically positioned, trafficable glass skylights. The monolithic form anchors the new building into the side of the hill and is finished internally by the rough reality of building – and currently being – underground.

The concrete lid of the concrete box is not only the ceiling for beneath, but also the floor in each the kitchen and exterior deck. The pivot around which the other spaces are spun, the kitchen serves all parts of the property, while the dining and living locations are tucked up over the garage and closer to the evening sky of Melbourne’s city lights. Timber battens clad the extension, wrapping the 3 spaces together and delivering a linear base for the final hovering piece.

Soaring above the residing spaces is the black zinc roof. On the northern edge the roof is pulled up to boost natural light to the northwest corner, and pushed down to the neighbouring building on Hardiman Street on the northeast, so as not to overshadow it. On the south side, the operation is reversed, and the southwest corner is lifted to produce a framed see of the city. This simple twisting operation grabs light and views from 2 corners and anchors the remaining 2 with rain heads falling to assortment tanks. The action and drama of the twist is expressed and amplified on the ceiling under by a series of hand-plugged timber battens.”

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Pictures by: John Gollings

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