The Iporanga Residence by Nitsche Arquitetos Associados

Nitsche Arquitetos Associados made this property in Iporanga, Brazil.









From the architects

Iporanga Home is positioned in Iporanga, a condominium for summer homes on Sao Paulo’s coast, about 120km east from the capital. This condominium is inside a quite effectively preserved and protected region of the unique Atlantic Rainforest. The exuberance of this native forest has taken the client to demand a residence that occupied the minimum as achievable of the ground (great deal) surface. But at the same time he desired it to be huge and comfy, and asked for 5 suites, 1 for the couple, one for every single of his 3 sons and 1 for guests, which demanded not much less the 400m2 to be constructed.

So we made a decision to split the program in 3 amounts: a suspended volume, wood structured for the 5 suites, so they would be on the trees´ crown/leading a program, the concrete slab elevated from the ground to support all of the plan social routines, residing, dining area the kitchen and the swimming pool and beneath it, on ground degree there is a modest enclosed location for companies. A modest accommodation for a home keeper couple, a laundry and a deposit.

The wood frame volume is the “private” portion of the home, for that reason on the street side it is enclosed by opaque boards (produced of wood and covered on each faces with a cement slab), glass panels along with a nylon curtain, and on the forest side, aluminum sliding doors opening the rooms to a widespread veranda.

This volume generates a shadow on the slab, and we utilized that shadow for the social area. This “middle” floor is practically an open room, protected on all sides by transparent temperate glass sliding panels, so the forest can be witnessed at all instances. The intention was to decrease the variation in between inner and outside area, generating it function all as 1 integration location.

The structural idea of the property was inspired by modest brook bridges common from this litoraneal region. Growing from the foundation in humid soil, concrete columns support the Steel beans which assistance the wood frame. We attempted to make the development an assembling of components more than an in loco procedure, concerning significantly less waste at the constructing internet site, a lot more agility and appropriate use of industrialized resources.

Architect: Nitsche Arquitetos Associados

Photography by Nelson Kon

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