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The House With See Of The Long Term By Simone Micheli

The Residence With See of the Future is positioned in Florence, Italy, and was made by Simone Micheli.

The property creates an impossible but magnificent mixture: the rustic antique high quality inherent in the Florentine constructing and a futuristic modernity that borders on sci-fi.

The House With See of the Future by Simone Micheli:

“Imagine currently being on the slopes of the hills of Settignano, taking a stroll in between the olive trees, surrounded by the extraordinary Renaissance villas.

Some thing you didn’t count on that caps what you did anticipate is going to happen: hiding behind a XXth century facade, there is an remarkable shock for visitors: it’s about the wonderful view they can uncover from 2nd floor windows and from the minimize-away roof terrace.

Simone Micheli’s project is manufactured of this remarkable see reflecting on several mirrored surfaces. The Architect says “I developed this Residence as a free, flexible, sheltered spot. My target was the each day existence so I’ve worked on an hospitable area manufactured to meet buddies in an unconventional way. I tried to represent the that means of existence for me and my wife Roberta: I’ve worked on white surfaces liven up with some vivid green and orange walls.

This residence is a metropolitan refuge produced of light, the place ancient and contemporary interact by means of colours, surfaces enhancement, and lighting style.”

A clash among 2 centuries: the union of 2 modest apartments with really different traits by means of a challenging demolition work (plasters, floors, false ceilings, portion of a floor and some portions of the partition walls),

A courageous structural engineering prepare has permitted Simone Micheli to generate a unique, vibrant area, and has exceeded the limits of the building’s sound walls and the recent anti-seismic laws. The outcome is a brilliant outdoor setting connecting all the rooms in a spacious open area.

The authentic wood door was dismantled and reassembled on an armored door. On the other side the door has been decorated with a laser lower quote more than a mirror back panel.

Now the house is on 3 ranges: the overall height was used in purchase to generate a kind of joke making intermediate floors: solids and voids, bedrooms e living space. Residing area, dining room and kitchen are component of the very same region: the idea is to mix these spaces to share actions and functions.

This primary round floor is straight connected with a bath and also with the guest area: the 2 of these rooms are characterized by white doors with silver chrome manage.

In some portion of the residence the gorgeous ancient brick wall is unveiled in buy to remind the methods of the medieval architecture. A veil of white lime plaster enables now to perceive the geometries, the connections and the diverse degrees of roughness of each and every stone.

Furniture and furnishings are all developed by Simone Micheli: the undertaking is genuinely constant, balanced and initially essencial..

The sofas appear to float in excess of the bleached parquet: they are positioned all about the rounded corner television cabinet the dining table is made from a scented cedar trunk the chairs about the table are upholstered with cavallino leather and skai.

The kitchen consists of 2 blocks (stove and fridge cabinet), is all white with a top in sound surface, immediately open to the dining location and simple to screen with 2 roller blinds.

Pillars coated by mirror panels are enhanced by a multicolored stripled in buy to accent the reflections. The side of the room’s doors overlooking the residing location are mirrored and equipped with a magnetic closure technique: Simone and Roberta’s bedroom is outfitted with a white lacquered full height cabinets and with an island bed outfitted with an upholstered headboard the room is in direct connection to the bathroom location through a sliding glass door. The bathroom has a large bath / shower in sound surface characterized on the short side with a massive stainless steel showerhead. The toilets with rounded edges are ceramic and the chrome faucet assortment is lined up on the white lime completed stone wall.

The space of Cesar and Jalel with spacious white lacquered wardrobes has a touch of color in the composition of the yellow lacquered huge double bed with the L- shaped base container with large drawers, wall mounted shelves and table in the center of the space stands a white and silver soccer table.

The 2nd floor realized on a wooden loft is illuminated by a big automated opening skylight, it hosts a smalll video area, a fitness region with bike and runner, a bookshelves set on an asymmetric stainless steel construction and 2 deep storage regions screened by roller blinds.

The third floor is the terrace which was made as an outdoor livingroom: in reality, there is a barbecue spot, a kitchen with fuel stove and single tank sink. A part of this outside region can be shaded by a retractible blind on a carbon fiber and stainless steel framework. Outdoor seating assortment is created of woven plastic with 4 cockpit chairs, cushions and table.

A lacquered wood door provides accessibility to the pulsating heart of the home: the technical room in which are positioned the boiler, the HVAC machine and the boiler’s water storage.

The switches have a touch handle with led light signals on glass white plate: through the switches are managed the led spotlights in the ceiling and the linear white led light inserted into the plasterboard false ceilings.

Heating and cooling are integrated into a lighting system with the newest generation of domotic program.The music is distributed all through the residence (which includes the terrace) by way of an attentive positioning of speakers and subwoofer.

This house has been planned and realized for a dynamic and extreme household daily life without excess, multiple and sustainable, manufactured of natural supplies and finishing, straightforward to walk by way of and dimmable to any path need even with an i-pad touch.”

Pictures by: Juergen Eheim

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