The Caruth Boulevard Residence by Tom Reisenbichler

Architect Tom Reisenbichler has made the Caruth Boulevard residence in Dallas, Texas.












Undertaking description:

In our world in which a lot of associate sustainable (green) design and style with a bohemian lifestyle, while others consider luxury wasteful, this house is developed to show they are not unique. Integrated tightly into the large iconic trees on the web site, this property employs standard residence proportions to mix with the neighborhood. The horizontal lines of the style tie the home to the land, while the roof and balcony reach into the trees producing them integral to the home.

The layout concepts emphasize the entertaining life style of the owner / architect, with open strategies that integrate indoor and outside spaces. The very first degree employs a central core (wooden box) as the main organizing component about which public spaces flow. This LEED Gold developed residence features many sustainable strategies, from photovoltaic solar panels and recycled resources to native plants that are drought tolerant, each and every detail of sustainability is considered.

Architect: Tom Reisenbichler

Photography: Bret Janak


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