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The Barn By Mostlikely Architecture

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The Barn is a household home positioned in Going am Wilden Kaiser, Austria.

It was created by Mostlikely Architecture and completed in 2012.

The Barn by Mostlikely Architecture:

“To build a one loved ones residence in the region of Kitzbühel I, architect Mark Neuner, and the group of mostlikely took a far better element of the design method as a analysis quest on how to construct in a modern way without having neglecting the historic traditions. Inquiries with fantastic significance in an region where tradition not only weighs heavily on outdated houses but hardly any new houses that are a lot more daring are to be identified at all. This coherent architectural landscape makes it possible for for a romantic identity as properly as regional authenticity and serves as the layer stone of the tourism market in this region. To respect and preserve the substance of the idyllic mountain village Going am Wilden Kaiser (the name of the mountain which practically translates to “Wild Emperor”) mostlikely chose to stage the effectively-acknowledged and verified in a new way.

Several walks through the setting and a deep dive into the history as effectively as the clichees associated with the region aided to analyse, measure and document the surroundings. These physical and mental excursions would then lead to a visualized outline of the strategy that was full of range and complexity. This way of “working in pictures” at the beginning of the design approach enabled us to get a stronger connection with the area. This strategy ultimately led us to the barn rather of the standard home to perform the model for the additional improvement. The typology of the barn with its brick-created, enormous socket that contrasts its open hayloft seemed to suit today’s wants much better than the traditionally poor-lit farmers house of the outdated days.

The stage of culmination for the concept of the barn was the socket. Alternatively of brick, concrete was the materials of option and the magic could get spot: flowers and creatures that would slightly remind the myths of the mountains would increase – thanks to a corrosion method – on the particularly made and each and every separately cast concrete panels. Additionally in my nearly manic cooperation with the sculptor Stefan Buxbaum we have been able to generate panels of concrete virtually as light as a feather so that even the automated garage door would open and hence be integrated invisibly in the façade of the developing.

In the living locations of the property particularly made furnishings, walls manufactured from exposed concrete and most prominently the wooden roof timbering that would dominate the form and really feel of the upper floors would connect the shapes of the past with present day residing types just naturally without having insinuating. Unpretentious and normal as a barn must be a new typology of housing in the mountains was born: “Scheune Edition Kitzbühel 2012” its name.”

First Level
Second Level
Third Level
The Barn by Mostlikely Architecture (1)
The Barn by Mostlikely Architecture (2)
The Barn by Mostlikely Architecture (3)
The Barn by Mostlikely Architecture (4)
The Barn by Mostlikely Architecture (5)

The Barn by Mostlikely Architecture (6)
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The Barn by Mostlikely Architecture (9)
The Barn by Mostlikely Architecture (10)

1st Level
First Level
Second Degree
Second Level
Third Level
Third Degree

Images by: Maik Perfahl

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