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Tetris House – Toronto, Ontario – Canada by rzlbd

We all know you can not fit a square peg into a round hole. But what about a square peg into an even smaller sized square box? This is exactly what architectural firm rzlbd did with Tetris Property, a present day dream property in a Toronto, Ontario community. Taking a 4,000 square foot system the firm previously developed for an additional consumer, and functioning it into a 3,000 square foot framework, this dwelling–inspired by the iconic Tetris video game–becomes a most efficient utilization of area.

An intended technique, the facade reads as a mixed bag of materials–timber, steel, brick and slate–which all fit with each other, piece-by-piece like a developing-block puzzle.

The single-family residence encompasses 3 stories, sitting on a limited good deal sized at only 40’ x 110’. This was the upfront challenge, particularly because the household requested open spaces and a lot of them. Within this footprint are 5 bedrooms, 6 baths, 2 laundry rooms, guest room, home office, wine cellar and a separate entertainment zone. Yes, actually!

What’s fascinating about this narrow house inserted amongst 2 exisiting residences, is its capacity to draw in normal light, not just from the rear wall of windows, but via the vertical light shaft developed by integrating glass floor panels in the major living space. Not only is this a fresh concept, but it creates a distinctively amazing knowledge for dwellers when walking upon it.

Also in the open room is a fifty 5-foot long built-in unit of white lacquered cabinetry extending from the front of the house to the rear, alternating function but not kind. For instance, at the entranceway the shelving meshes with an office, connecting to the kitchen as cabinetry and storage, then on to residence the fireplace in the residing area. One solid, streamlined notion working its wonders in various capacities–such brilliant style.

In the kitchen, the recessed black ceiling gets the best portion of a appropriate angle formed by a floating partition wall of the exact same midnight hue. This segregation of area allows for a bit of privacy in the kitchen, while also generating a wall of curiosity displaying a snow- white contemporary ar2rk.

The kitchen zone transitions to the dining and residing locations by ascending 1 stage, exactly where the floor prepare expands horizontally, exposing the gardens by way of the wood-framed glass windows and doors. Minimalist furnishings in organized arrangements of black and white are daring in the area, a wealthy contrast to the normal wood flooring.

Tetris Residence is a modern dream house, compact in style, however sprawling with innovation.

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Posted by Suzanne at 17 October, 2013

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