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Sheela Jain Residence by Architecture Paradigm

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Sheela Jain Residence was finished by Architecture Paradigm in 2012.

It is found in Mysore, Karnātaka, India, and has a warm and classy interior.

Sheela Jain Residence by Architecture Paradigm:

“The site is found in Gundelpet, a little town near to Mysore. The short described a 3 bed room house which can accommodate 2 households and a social way of life.

The layout for the residence draws from the minimal rise, dense improvement bordering rural landscape, where the earthy clay tiles and white surfaces, stone and cement paved surfaces of older structures are offering way to structures inspired by urban lifestyles and the media.

The venture right here was about a re seem at the modifying conditions the place the stereo metric box is subjected to a reinterpretation by means of a play of tactility to produce spaces and textures that resonated with the memory of the area.”

Pictures by: Anand Jaju

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