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RV House – Medellín, Colombia by Alejandro Restrepo Montoya

RV Property by architect Alejandro Restrepo Montoya is a modern day dream home which seemingly defies gravity from one viewpoint. Structured into a hillside in Medellín, Colombia, this family home is a minimalistic splendor.

At virtually 4,500 square feet, this indoor-outdoor dwelling is definitely sprawling however feels warm, dare we say ‘cozy’, in particular spaces thanks to wealthy supplies and textures all through. A geometric linear framework created of concrete, wood and stone the upper volume nests within its natural landscape, generating a boundariless habitat for the family members to relish.

Interiors are elegantly layered in a palpable combine of earthy tones–think bark, slate, ebony and white. Furnishings are contemporary and wise, not detracting from the home’s breathtaking surroundings whatsoever. Interior walls mimic exterior ones with the very same rough black stone or smooth auburn wood, producing a sophisticated, cohesive vitality.

The home’s entrance enthralls. Foremost from the reduced-level driveway, a set of stairs ascends from a wooden platform, increasing over to a mezzanine balcony replete with a transparent glazed railing. This walkway runs alongside the lush greenery of the hilltop, then prospects to the home’s entranceway, a decked plank balancing over a reflective water feature. Enormous, pivoting wood door panels welcome, finally defining the stage in between within and out. This is stunning past!

The sunken living locations attribute sets of large sliding glass doors which frame the limitless mountainous views. An elongated wooden terrace becomes a lot more of an observation deck, offering informal lounge seating in mod wicker with a freeform rustic wood table at the center. The kitchen and dining room are located at 1 finish of this central social room although the bedrooms anchor it on the other. The garage and laundry services areas reside on the ground degree.

Despite its strong, huge structures, RV House stays a breezy, light-filled and distinctive present day dream home created for carefree family members living.

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Posted by Suzanne at 16 October, 2013

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