Rogers Property – London, England by Richard + Su Rogers

Created in 1969, Rogers Property has turn into an iconic portrayal of modern dream house design which has elegantly carried itself by way of time. Designed by Richard and Su Rogers, this retro structure is found just down the street from Wimbeldon Village.

With a series of glass panels, this home is somewhat of a quaint compound consisting of the principal property, a flat and a pottery studio which open up to a different courtyards. The glazed facade functions steel framing in canary yellow. As a consequence of the way the buildings are situated, as properly as the plentiful trees, shrubbery and gardens which embrace the house, this glass box really stays quite a personal residence. The courtyards contain various sculpture, functions of ar2rk and objects (this kind of as the seats on springs and a little purple sailboat) making it a whimsical location to unwind, socialize or just daydream.

While the yellow exterior draws the eye, it’s the interiors which are even a lot more profound and playful. Hues like violet, pink, orange and lime pop against the white ceilings and walls which had been constructed of plastic-coated aluminum. So special are the moveable walls, which generate a fabulously versatile area for a family members to dwell. Internal partitions demonstrate to be invaluable style additions, making it possible for light to cross in between rooms although generating an openness.

Furnishings are an eclectic blend of mid-century present day, vintage and modern. One particular spot which stands out is the yellow-clad kitchen. Fitted with tall lacquered cabinetry, the cooking and prep area is really hidden with appliances nestled into modular units. The open dining and residing rooms characteristics sleek contrasts and colorful pops. A mod lilac sofa and chairs gives enjoyable seating, whilst an adjacent dining table is a mix-and-match of black and white chairs.  A cool candy-apple red pod gives storage and a area for minor ones to hide out.

The master bedroom and 2 other bedrooms are featured immediately off of this room. In the master suite, a amazing, freestanding vanity “armoire” rests in the middle of the area, with thick doors that open to a full mirrored panel. A sliding neon green wall can be closed to develop additional privacy to these sleeping quarters.

Cool surprises seem throughout this residence. One of the bathrooms stuns as it views the sky by way of its solid glass roof. The studio is drenched with a bright blue floor and framed with grass green steel beams. It is framework is formed with curved corners, portraying a really futuristic vibe.

Rogers House is a traditional modern dream property brimming with timeless retro design.


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