Rest Property – Victoria, Australia by Tim Spicer Architects and Col Bandy Architects

Situated on the Mornington Peninsula positioned southeast of Melbourne, Australia, Rest House is a present day dream property made in a collaboration amongst Tim Spicer Architects and Col Bandy Architects.

The single-family house is comprised of glass, galvanized steel, corten and concrete, supplies chosen not just for their modern aesthetic but also for weathering functions due to the seaside location of the residence. The positioning of the dwelling attributes meticulously-created angles to safeguard it from harsh winds off the close by Bass Strait. It is also gently eased into the sloped land which generates an further layer of curiosity when approaching the structure. With views of the ocean and surrounding land, this house meshes effortlessly with its surroundings.

Glazed walls, sliding glass doors, massive terraces off residing regions let residents and visitors to engage with the outdoors. Windows deposit abundant light across the prepare and are uniquely-shaped, inspired by nautical sails. Valley and water vistas come into play whether or not in the residing room, kitchen or bedrooms.

The ground floor’s front and rear entrances are protected by cantilevered roofing, as properly as tiers of landscaped gardens. The primary living floor is reached by an internal wood and wired grid staircase which leads to the dining room with 2-sided wood-burning fireplace which also faces the residing room. This elongated space accesses the kitchen with consume-in dining spot and huge center island. A single separate terrace is enclosed by stainless-steel mesh screen walls, delivering a comfy and flexible dining and lounging space with stellar views of the sprawling canopy of trees.

Interiors stay restrained in a palette of white and timber, the 2 echoing the nature outside while making it possible for it to hold center stage from every single viewpoint inside the property.

The master suite sits down a hallway at 1 finish of this principal living area, also bathed in a soothing palette of white and brown. The ensuite bathroom is just as serene and sits behind a partition wall which the bed rests towards permitting for an even far more spacious truly feel to the space. 2 guest bedrooms reside on the ground floor.

Rest Property is a present day dream home portrayal which genuinely harmonizes with its environment with clever positioning, layout and resources.

Posted by Suzanne at 16 December, 2013

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