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Residence Refurbishment in Silleda by terceroderecha arquitectos

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Spanish architecutral firm terceroderecha arquitectos has developed the House Refurbishment in Silleda.

Finished in 2013, this 2,314 square foot house was remodelled and consists of 2 volumes separated my a courtyard. Is is found in Silleda, Spain.

House Refurbishment in Silleda by terceroderecha arquitectos:

“Integrating a single-family members property on an urban housing estate, although fulfilling today’s practical demands calls for a substantial hard work involving the lay-out, the framework and the facilities. Bearing that in mind, the task requires an analysis of the recent circumstance as its commencing point, assessing its value as an asset which offers the building its character. The aim is to integrate the undertaking into the surrounding website, rather than dominating or imposing on it.

Based on the surrounding atmosphere, we propose a cost-free and special interpretation of the current and the previous, striking an imaginative stability among bygone days and modern times. The personality of the existing buildings is maintained, plainly distinguishing the previous from the new by indicates of a markedly contemporary building.

The principal element of the residence is the inner courtyard. Our proposal revolves close to reviving the thought of employing this area as the central element which the whole of the property functions about. Therefore, the proposal involves constructing 2 abstract volumes which respect external alignments but open inwards, recalling the central area’s unique character, unifying the total.

In this way, the construction of the property is organized in a way this kind of that all the rooms open onto the central region, making certain the needed privacy while at the exact same time opening up onto the outer area. Sunlight is also a key element when organizing the property. For that reason, given that the windows opening onto the yard all encounter north, a huge window positioned on the major façade bathes the living area with light from the south. The final constructing combines performance with a balance among comfort, sustainability and power efficiency.”

Photographs by: Baku Akazawa

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