House IV - The Netherlands- De Bever Architecten

Residence IV – The Netherlands By De Bever Architecten

A transparent glass extension has transformed Home IV into a spacious, somewhat futuristic, present day dream house filled with light and intrigue. The construction was designed by neighborhood studio De Bever Architecten and resides in the de Elzent district of Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Though the 2 boxes are comprised totally of glass, these living regions nonetheless deal with to stay personal as they are tucked underneath the white concrete cantilevered roofs and into the backyard.

Movement is everywhere–walls curve, polished metal doors reflect and geometric skylights in a assortment of shapes cascade non-cease light.

Stone walls gently arch and bow, portraying a great elegance inside these minimalist spaces, a gently sunken residing lounge on a single side, an intimate research on the other. This poolside function region is most inspirational, a nook nestled into a glass capsule replete with a mirrored slab of a door which produces illusions of light and distance.

Rounded corners mesh effectively with angular ones, although hallways are streamlined as they transport the habitant from a single glass-walled zone into the other.

Colors are rooted in nature–smooth beige and stone white with wooden accents. Rustic timber tables stand in front of a plush fur sofa which add warmth to the cool interiors. A multi-dimensional mod lighting fixture clings to the wall, twinkling with a soft glow.

Plentiful storage is concealed behind built-in units featuring sliding wood doors and large-gloss white cabinetry.

Connecting these 2 rooms which wrap the pool terrace is the bathroom, an extensively tiled oasis with a giraffe mosaic. This luxuriously playful zone attributes a large stroll-in shower, which receives a glazed ceiling opening it up to the sky. How fabulous!

House IV is a contemporary dream residence, 2 glass residing pods reaching out to seamlessly connect to the verdant outside, whilst turning into fascinating locations in which to dwell.

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