Residence in Aarhus by Friis & Moltke

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This gorgeous modern home in Aarhus, Denmark was completed in 2011 by Friis & Moltke.

The interior’s spacious design and style enables for optimal communication among every single area, making a dynamic sense of motion.

Property in Aarhus by Friis & Moltke:

“This functional villa, situated near the city of Aarhus, is constructed on an undulating plot at the fringe of the forest. The spot is remarkable for the beauty of its scenery, but it also poses a challenge for the architect. The solution to this challenge is a “folded disc”- layout which allows you to enter the front of the house at one level, but to entry the backyard from the property at 2 levels. The home itself offers off a dynamic feeling of interaction with the plot and the landscape. To achieve this result, the horizontal lines are complemented by a slanting roof and together they frame a pleasantly private room with respect for the surrounding nature.

The dominating component of the layout – and the principal architectural characteristic of the interior of the property – is a 14.5 meters (47.6 feet) long wall, planked with oiled oak veneer. The wall is a decorative element delivering warmth and texture to the house as properly as a functional basis for the kitchen inventory, a cozy niche and the residing room library. The oak wall generates a distinctive and meditative atmosphere with clear reference to the Scandinavian nature and tradition and also reveals a trace of inspiration from Japanese culture.

All floors are coated with polished concrete and the “raw” style is witnessed by means of all the way to the ceiling for which is picked perforated acoustic plaster. Fantastic panorama windows, spanning from floor to ceiling, invite in light and nature and generate an encounter of fluid transition amongst the inside and the outside. In the back of the residing area, a particular window looks to have been “cut out” of the thick outer wall to the effect of making the all-natural scenery outside search virtually like a painting. The 2 children´s rooms at the bottom degree have windows to the garden although the master bedroom provides a secluded retreat in direction of the back of the residence.

A characteristic of the house is the conjugation of distinct resources: Stone and concrete contribute to the raw and textured qualities of the residence while the oak wall brings warmth and depth and the plaster functions as a decorative acoustic ceiling.”

Site Strategy

Photographs courtesy of Friis & Moltke

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