Residence C by RTA Workplace

By Magaly – Classes: Decorative Add-ons, Dining Room, Furniture, Homes, Interior Style, Kitchen, Landscaping, Lighting, Rugs, Staircase, Swimming Pool, Terrace   

House C is a private residence completed by RTA Office.

It is situated in Barcelona, Spain.

Home C by RTA Office:

“Geometry, skin, cuts that let you learn the dermis. Area, 3-dimensional continuity. There are no elevations, no programs, or sections. This is area within a sound object, a block of black basalt in which we make a quantity of penetrations as in a quarry, mine tunnels and corridors that communicate with the outdoors, with the light of the morning, of noon and the darkness of the evening. An emotional layout, the indivisible cross-sectional view of the object. Dark skin, pale dermis. Contrast. Cuts and cracks, reinforcing the modify of scale, operating for the presence. A unitary object that proposes its optimum dimension. The complexity of the site operates in our favour: the closed outer perimeter, walled, stone inside the glass folds open.

We traverse the wall. It’s the north face of the developing and there we spot the entry: a spectacle of natural light, reflections, transparencies, and an explosion of multiplying photos. A kaleidoscopic room, attractiveness, picture, observation. All at the very same time thanks to the effects developed by the transparent crystals of various sizes and angles. Every thing impacts on the developing. Nature enters the interior via these cuts and segments the distinct rooms of the residence. At dusk, transparency overrides limits: the light of day is now projected from inside the property to the outdoors.”

Pictures courtesy of RTA Workplace

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