Radman Brown Home by Man Herschell Architects

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Radman Brown Home is a personal residence located in Richmond, New Zealand.

It was developed by Guy Herschell Architects, and has a façade of rusting steel that offers it a very exclusive appear.

Radman Brown Residence by Guy Herschell Architects:

“Clad in rusting steel, dramatic black stained battened plywood and nestled in the rural watershed of the Richmond ranges south of Nelson, this state of the ar2rk household eco-house explores the context of constructing in the landscape of the rural Waimea planes, drawing on the textures of rustic rural buildings and rusty wool sheds to develop an classy weathering building bathed in an underbelly of light and sumptuous family residing.

The client’s quick called for a family members home which was appropriate for young youngsters, with area for long term flexibility a residence which embodied greatest practice eco and architectural principals, way of life ideals, and sustainable eco-technological innovation within a balanced price range.

The residence embodies a variety of prototyping firsts, eco-friendly architectural detailing and greatest practice sustainable passive solar style featuring,

an exposed iron oxide impregnated concrete solar mass floor

Code exceeding R6 roof and R3.2 wall wool insulation in overlapping layers to avert thermal bridging

Minimal-E argon filled thermal glazing throughout

Lively and passive heating and cooling transfer from the communal living regions to the bedrooms

Controllable passive stack effect ventilation through roof light windows

Integrated heat pump-solar -moist back powered under floor heating

Solar scorching water heating

Exclusive LED Lower electrical power and minimal voltage process and setting lighting throughout with the provision for off grid energy supply operation

On web site roof water detention and storage

On-web site waste and grey waster dispersal

Recycled plastic decking

Green Initial certified environmentally friendly Ply cabinetry and joinery

minimal VOC finishes and absolute minimum Timber preservative remedy utilizing Douglas Fir timber to substitute Council solution.”

Floor Strategy

Photographs courtesy of Guy Herschell Architects

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