Queen Residence by naturehumaine

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Queen Residence is a undertaking finished by naturehumaine and positioned in Saint-Lambert, Québec, Canada.

The interior is warm and cozy, decorated in rich colours and interesting patterns.

Queen Residence by naturehumaine:

“Devoted fans of architecture and layout from the 50’s and 60’s the customers acquired this house built in 1958 with the intention of carrying out an substantial renovation as well as an addition. Because this “Butterfly House” has a powerful character, the goal in the intervention consisted in updating the house in respect of the authentic spirit.

An extension is developed on the east side of the house in continuum of the flying wing of the roof, hence retaining the elegance of the total composition.

As of the interior, adjustments include modifications brought to the division of the spaces, as effectively as the incorporation of a new kitchen and bathrooms trying to keep in mind the vintage element of the property. Some facades are rethought to permit a far more generous input of normal light.”

Images courtesy of naturehumaine

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