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Q House by Augusto Quijano Arquitectos

Augusto Quijano Arquitectos have designed the Q Residence in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico.



Weekend Residence at Yucatán Country Club, a improvement with golf course, on the outskirts of the city of Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico.

The intention of this house is to recover that own peace that rest days, invite to relaxation, with an architecture primarily based on producing a series of free, shaded, spaces that allow the passage of the breeze, searching at all times the visuals to golf program. A free of charge-flowing property, which set up a spot.

The Home Q is assembled by 2 blocks: the public location, which rises to discover the Visual area and seem into a Lake and the private location reserved the visuals from the area. On the one hand the public zone pointing to the area with a gesture of opening, and on the other hand, as backup, the area of the area. All the spaces come to camp, since solutions are located, to the West side, at the junction of the 2 locations, both ground floor and a second degree.

Description continued soon after the gallery.

Description continued

This scheme in an L-form permits you to consider the prevailing winds from the Northeast and East for all spaces, blocks south to the space and opens to take uniform light from the North.

From the street only perceives a great stone wall containing the amenities in the rooms, and a slab by way of big drawing that brand accessibility and defines the garage.

Entry is cost-free, by means of a grating of wood in direction of the public space. This lobby among the rooms and providers, accessibility to a space that prospects to the terrace of the public area. When turning, a terrace prospects to the rooms which are dealing with the garden space and the field.

Outline clear, free of charge, great fluidity, spaces that produce terraces by means of horizontal planes that pass by means of the place.

Spatial continuity, in between interior and exterior, between Sun and shade dialectic relation. The spatial structure is primarily based on strategies that direct Visual towards the discipline.

Generate exterior pursuits. The primary factor is on the outdoors, sunny and shaded, created and all-natural.

An exercise task where the space varieties, exactly where the outside and nature stand out, above the formal and aggressive claims in an atmosphere in which the crucial issue is enjoyment, rest and emotions is far more crucial.

The House contains a series of spaces in which you live, you can take pleasure in living, and is for that reason coexists. This created for a far better daily life. It comes to its users pleasant architecture, to the palpable and delicate architecture, critical architecture, without folklorisms or additions, exactly where every component and every single are in location and in relation to the location.

The managing of stone, nearby materials in different formats, stone floors, shutters and ceiling of wood, steel and glass, this Home aims to be an physical exercise the place the pursuits generate the space and not the places and kinds. A dialectic game counterpoints. Manage locked in a normal way, get the website and compose with the terrain.

Is an workout undertaking based on the architecture of the Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian houses, mainly the Kentuck Knob, and interaction with other examples of contemporary architecture like Richard Neutra homes

The Property meets the problems of the setting, generating spaces as hallways, porches and terraces that make up the area with the House, spots of amazing and shaded to integrate the exterior with the interior terraces to relate the spaces with the areas exactly where they are constructed, exactly where cross ventilation, the quality of light permitted and transitions from outside to inside occuran architecture exactly where the climate is crucial for the Sun, the shade and Breeze are also end users.

What we call today sustainable, is what always has been called architecture, without artifice or resources, but developing spaces this kind of as they must be, in the spirit of the location, without denying the spirit of the times.

Architect: Augusto Quijano Arquitectos
Photographer: Roberto Cárdenas Cabello

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