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Pure White – Almuñecar, Granada by Susanna Cots

An stylish vision, Pure White is a contemporary luxury dream residence, perched on a seaside cliff in Almuñecar, Granada, created by Susanna Cots.

At initial glance, the home is bathed in 1 non-shade, yet taking a closer peek, touchable textures are unveiled creating a distinctive sense of depth. Wood is also really present, particularly as it clads the structure itself, which functions a large box as its leading volume. Light, light and more light filter in from the sun as it moves across the sky.

Warm woods offset the austerity of the all-white palette, although well-placed accents in black deliver forth a striking contrast. The master suite, which is entirely housed in that upper block, is one particular of the only spaces in this dwelling in which a bit more black is integrated into the serene theme, like its spa-like bathroom. A number of of the numerous living lounges do dabble with silvery tones, but that’s the extent of it outdoors the realm of white.

A central void of the developing functions gorgeous glass-encased palm trees and a little backyard growing with indigenous plants. This terrarium floods the interiors with even much more all-natural light throughout the day.

The kitchen is exclusive in that it not only characteristics fully retractable glazed doors to the outdoors as does the rest of this modern day residence, but a moveable interior glass wall is also in spot, allowing for a visual pass-by way of even from deep within the structure.

An upper-level mezzanine hallway overlooks 1 of the double-story residing rooms which attributes walls of customized constructed-ins. In truth, the whole residence characteristics these sleek modular units for shelving, storage, cabinetry and speciality furnishings.

Nearly, the only peeks of colour are in the children’s rooms, with cheery purples and pinks popping brightly towards the stark white backdrop.

The sun patio is exquisite, with timber-screen block framing the limitless sea views. Interestingly, the guest suite–which also manages to soak up some wealthy colours in many of the furnishings–receives flooring of the very same wood as this exterior, offering an eye-catching cohesiveness. Oversize white geometric planters are perched alongside the glazed railing, making it possible for for an unobstructed visual line to the ocean from right here, as effectively as inside of the home’s residing regions.

A modern luxury dream house, Pure White is resplendent with its serene white-on-white blanket and awesome layout fashion.

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Posted by Suzanne at 21 October, 2013

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