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Property Of Dust By Antonino Cardillo

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Italian architect Antonino Cardillo has designed the Home of Dust.

Finished 2013, this 1,076 square foot modern apartment has numerous special and quirky features, such as a rustic plaster ceiling. It is located in Rome, Italy.

Property of Dust by Antonino Cardillo:

“In this house classical orders and proportions celebrate dust. The golden part divides the sides of the residing space: a light grey base supports a ceiling of rustic plaster of the colour of the bare earth. Craving for primordial caverns, for Renaissance grotesques, for nymphaeums in Doria Pamphilj, for faintly Liberty façades in the streets off Through Veneto.

A balanced sequence of compressions and dilatations makes up the area of the property. On the walls, passages and windows seem, now dug out of the base, now like carvings in a baguette. A series of arches, abstract memories of 4teenth century Italian painting, disguise doors and cupboards. Amid these, 1 studded with a pink glass doorknob introduces the intimate rooms, which as well are distinguished by the palest pink on the walls: yearning for dawns and flowers, the colour of beauty, the colour of elegance that dies.”

Images courtesy of Antonino Cardillo

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