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Property of Corridor by Architect Present Co.

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Property of Corridor was completed by Architect Present Co., and it is positioned in Fukuoka, Japan.

The interior is decorated in warm, earthy tones, with wood as the predominant element.

Property of Corridor by Architect Demonstrate Co.:

” ‘House of the corridor’ is a home that has been planned in this kind of densely lined with houses and apartments building in Fukuoka City.

This home is surrounded by housing on 3 sides, and can not afford even a site region.

I aimed at a home that can safeguard the personal room, captures the wind and light.

Supplied with a light coat in the center of the house, I had to have a vertical connection through the light coat.

I recognized a brilliant and spacious residing area as the connection of the upper and reduce born, I do not feel narrowing.

Facade of the creating is friendly to the surrounding atmosphere, producing it a compact look, which is set back by the outer wall and a sharp eaves.

Street and the front housing will interfere with planting and slowly approach, aimed at developing and environmental harmony.

It is a property that combines concern for the setting and the surrounding living environment inside excellent in a dense residential area.”

Photos by: Toshihisa Ishii

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