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Property in Hyojadong by Min Soh & Gusang Architectural Group & Kyoungtae Kim

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Home in Hyojadong is a joint task completed by Min Soh & Gusang Architectural Group & Kyoungtae Kim.

It is located in Hyoja-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea, and was finished in 2013.

Home in Hyojadong by Min Soh & Gusang Architectural Group & Kyoungtae Kim:

“This 3-story private residence is found in the outdated neighborhood of Hyojadong, straight west of Kyongbok Palace in the heart of Seoul.

Although the site totals only 194 square meters (2088 square feet), it was critical for the consumer to preserve area for organic landscaping. The property encloses an intimately scaled exterior courtyard that opens to the southeast on the ground floor for highest daylight to enter into the web site. The resulting U-shaped mass, along with varying floor plates at every degree, assists break down the scale of the creating to far better integrate it inside the varied residential community.

On the ground floor,the open movement of living, dining and kitchen places encounter out onto the central courtyard via big, sliding glass partitions, enabling in daylight and connecting interior and exterior spaces. Similarly on the 2nd floor, residing spaces are arranged all around the central courtyard. Guest bedroom, household area, and master bedroom have windows facing the interior of the web site with views of the courtyard. Though the building engages with the street, carrying out away with the classic privacy wall, windows are sparingly used at the front facade. The residence actually “opens” to the central courtyard in order to supply privacy for its inhabitants.

The third floor consists of a single studio space with access to 2 separate roof terraces. The front terrace offers views of Kyongbok Palace to the east and of city center higher-rises to the south. The back terrace opens out to dramatic views of nearby mountains to the north.

The salvaged brick facing on the exterior aids mix the house into the fabric of small buildings in the neighborhood. The repeated pattern of personal and unique, salvaged brick units reflects the numerous surrounding brick structures as effectively as the stonewall patterns of the Kyongbok Palace close by. In addition, the play of recessed and protruding windows breaks up the monolithic picture of the brick exterior.

The interior expresses a minimalist palette of finishes that incorporate normal oak flooring, ash veneer, plywood, and paint.”

Photos by: Namgoong Sun

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