Property in an Oak Grove by Murado & Elvira Arquitectos

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Property in an Oak Grove is a project finished in 2007 by Murado & Elvira Arquitectos.

The home, found in Badajoz, Spain, supplies its inhabitants with safety without having separating them entirely from nature.

Home in an Oak Grove by Murado & Elvira Arquitectos:

“This property offers with the want for a simultaneous contemplation of the fireplace and the sunset and with nature turned into a domestic object of affection. It intertwines building and natural environment in buy to pressure the romantic relationship with an oak grove full of loved ones memories.

The home must be entirely closed when nobody is residence, and really open when the owners go to get pleasure from nature. It is a property that is greater when it is open and smaller when closed.

The sliding doors give shadows to the surroundings of the property to generate places of comfort in a extremely scorching summer.

The aromatic garden within the porch, dividing the barbecue location and the living room spot.

The fireplace is integrated in a deep and wide window that faces west, permitting the users to watch the sunset even though sitting just before the fire.

Shades can be positioned in distinct ways throughout the different hours of the day.”

Floor Prepare

Pictures by: David Frutos

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