Property G by Dietger Wissounig Architekten

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Austrian architectural firm Dietger Wissounig Architekten has designed the House G.

Finished in 2008, this one,884 square foot contemporary residence in Klagenfurt, Austria, was constructed to be eco-friendly and totally wheelchair-available.

Property G by Dietger Wissounig Architekten:

“Wheelchair-optimized housing in timber development technique.How can a residential developing in urban fringe place near a brook with riparian forest be located in the landscape when the resident is severely handicapped? Which typology or organization facilitates the resident to access and knowledge the landscape and outside facilities?

To meet the requirements of the resident for a wheelchair-accessible environment, a framework connected to its atmosphere was built at ground level. It was created from within to outside. Without having any height variation, the house and its surrounding wind and weather-protected outside services can be reached right from the carport.

The thought to create a passive home was contradictory to the layout priority. For that reason, a primarily self-sustaining heating technique was developed. In addition to outstanding structural element properties and the use of renewable sources, deep drilling for geothermal energy, a solar plant and a nicely make certain the best power efficiency attainable.

The riparian forest and the 2 brooks are most substantial. What hides behind the hedges of the neighbours is not crucial. The numerous detached family members homes that reflect the trends of property improvement centres are shielded by the Gunhold property.

The strategy was to develop a straightforward home generating closeness to nature and visual relationships at the correct spots, with wood in vertical formwork panels as an ample material to age and approximate the location above the many years and to resemble the impression of the riparian forest.

Easy and unostentatious from the outdoors, the home develops the preferred selection and openness from the interior, the eye level of the resident.”

Images by: Paul Ott

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